Description of Extensions


  •  Our tape-in extensions are seamless, re-useable and ready for installment. you will have to apply heat to the tabs before installing. We recommend using a tool to squeeze them together tightly. These extensions lay flat, are lightweight and low maintenance. Ideal for thin hair. 


    • Flat tip extensions are pre-tipped keratin bonds installed stand by strand close to the root with a professional heating tool that safely melts into your hair adding volume and/or length. Depending on the look you’re going for, this method can be installed between 1-3 hours. We have two different types of glue, our original glue which is a softer bond and melts at a lower temperature and our new glue which is a harder bond and melts at a higher temperature.


    • Round tip extensions are pre-tipped, individuals extensions installed strand by strand close to the root compressed in a cylinder using an application tool. Can be re-tipped and reused. Depending on the look you’re going for this method can be installed between 1-3 hours.



    • Machine weft extensions are quick and easy. They can be ordered in ounces or in measurements to your liking.  Made with a single-head sewing machine, they are  thin, dense, strong and guaranteed not to shed. Machine wefts can be installed with beads or by sewing them in.



    • Hand-tied wefts are as custom as they come. Made exactly for you for a perfect fit. Other plus is you can order the destiny of the weft. Mirco to XXthick. The wefts are done by knots which means you'll also be able to control the color pattern. Our hand-tied extensions can not be cut, if they are cut it will unravel the whole weft. This is a true hand-tied weft.



    • Clip in extensions can transform your hair in minutes. This method is perfect if you do not want something permanent. Simply clip the wefts in, style as usual and you’re ready to go. Can be made with hand-tied or machine wefts.