Tape In Extensions 101

We recently changed companys for our tape tabs. Now we carry a regular hold and a extra hold. On custom orders you can request which tape you like, our stock tape in extensions will have the regular hold. Regular hold is recommended for clients that have fine/thin hair. Extra hold is recommanded for thicker hair types.


-Always start with clean dry hair
-Don't use any products with silicone or oil on the tabs
-If oil based remover is used always wash your hair and extension tabs
-Always remove old tape
-After apply new tape, tap the tabs with a flat iron at 200-300 degrees 2 to 3 times when applying
-Make sure the right amount of hair is placed between the "sandwich"
-Tape tabs shoud align perfectly
-Use the sealing tool to evenly press and seal the tabs
-Wait 48 hrs to wash your hair

*Don't put too much hair between the sandwich, this can prevent the tape from adhering to each other properly.

95% of tape extension slippage is due to a combination of these steps not being followed.


Some Q&A

Tape doesn't stick - Make sure you have removed the old tape and there is no oil on the tabs. Alot of removers have oil in them, always make sure to clean the extension tabs before applying new tape.

Didn't last the full time - Did you use the right tape for your hair? Does your hair products have oil? Did your get the right amount of hair in the "sandwich"? Is your hair super oily? People with oily hair tend to need to replace their tapes more often.

My tapes are slipping - Not enough hair in the sandwiches. Keep conitioner away from the tabs. Did you use a sealing tool? Are you pressing the sandwiches together at least once a week?

We recommed using products that are for extensions, color and keratin safe. No paragons, sulfates or sodium chloride. We will be carring a new hair line very shortly that I personally love. Stay tuned.